Change the Future

The timing is right for a new face to lead the future – a proven, energetic problem solver dedicated to our nation’s success and prosperity.

The encouragement has been overwhelming, and the support has exceeded all expectations.  Therefore, I am announcing the formation of the LAWMAN for PRESIDENT campaign, with a formal candidacy filing for the New Hampshire first-in-the-nation primary.  I’m representing a much-needed, traditional and balanced Republican platform in the spirit of Abraham Lincoln, Theodore Roosevelt, and other independently minded, critical thinkers.

Please thoroughly review my website, where I have clearly detailed my beliefs, views, strategies, and qualifications – no vague generalizing, flip-flopping, or pandering.  Since each issue is individually addressed without a generic one-size-fits-all ideology, you will see specific examples of conservative, libertarian, and moderate values.  I certainly cannot guarantee that you will agree with each position, but I can guarantee their honesty and sincerity.